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Belgrade Security Forum 2012

The Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence, Belgrade Centre for Security Policy and European Movement in Serbia, in partnership with the UN Women, UNDP SEEAC, Balkan Trust for Democracy and Slovak Atlantic Commission, are organizing the second Belgrade Security Forum that will take place on  September 20-22, 2012 under the working title "Coping with the crisis: challenges to democracy and security".

The Wall Street Crash of 1929 ushered in a decade of the Great Depression and led to the most devastating war in human history. Today, the world is again facing an economic crisis, the largest since the Great Crash. The crisis is already creating social and political unrest around the globe. Stability is challenged in both developed and developing countries, in democracies and autocracies alike, with highly uncertain outcomes. Cracks in the liberal international economic order are placing an already fragile global security architecture under heavy duress. Yet, today’s global economic predicament also creates new opportunities. Sometimes it takes a crisis to allow us to see further and act boldly.

The aim of the Belgrade Security Forum 2012 is to bring leading strategic thinkers and policy-makers together to discuss how to seize these opportunities. Because coping with a crisis in the right way is impossible without getting the crisis right.


The Belgrade Security Forum is a high-level regional hub for policy dialogue intending to meaningfully contribute to the development of the security community in the Western Balkans and to ongoing European and global security and foreign policy debates. For more information, follow us on Facebook and Twitter